Dr. Khwaja Iftikhar Ahmed

To whomsoever it may concern

ד"ר ח'וואג'ה אפתיקאר אחמד

After having met Professor Ofer Grosbard in the presidential conference, held in the Holy city of Jerusalem, Israel; I believe that persons of his caliber, understanding and background are the real treasure for all those people among Muslims and Jews who by conviction believe in cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship among the two very significant members of the Family of Abraham.

We the Muslims believe in Moses as much as we believe in Mohammad (PBUT). In fact for us denial of Moses is denial of Mohammad and this very belief makes our bonds with Jews absolutely eternal.  Strengthening this God gifted tie among the followers of Judaism and Islam is our joint responsibility.

We, in the Foundation(IFHFI) accord top priority to building a strong and sustainable relationship with Jews around the world and any effort that pushes this process towards its logical conclusion is more than welcome at our end.

Honesty, integrity and credibility are the hallmarks of any relationship and I am sure that these are going to be the guiding and governing principles for all the future actions and initiatives taken by Ofer.

The great work that Ofer has done on Holy Quran needs to be translated in English andthereafter perhaps in all the languages which are spoken by Muslims. This work by a Jewish brother can act as a wonderful bridge to achieve the aforesaid goal. This effort needs to be appreciated and supported both morally and materially. The work that he has done is of immense value and does possess the potential to tremendously boost the fraternal bonds among the two major communities of the world.

With utmost regards,

Dr. Khwaja Iftikhar Ahmed,
Founder President, IFHFI, New Delhi

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