Accessibility statement

The site is accessible according to the AA standard:

  • The site is optimized for modern browsers
  • The site is responsive – optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • The site is semantic – semantic tags are used to mark the areas of the site
  • The website supports the use of the keyboard
  • The site is adapted for the visually impaired and the blind

In order to make the site and its contents accessible the following measures were taken:

  • Tests in different browsers and devices
  • Tests that can be activated and reach all parts of the site with the help of a keyboard and without a mouse
  • Adding an accessibility bar to increase contrast in links and titles
  • Adding alts to linked images on the site
  • Checking label integrity in forms and correcting missing labels
  • Added skip links for quick transition to the website
  • Adding semantic tags and main titles on all pages

The tools we used for testing:

  • screen reader
  • Using the accessibility plugin for the Chrome browser: Wave
  • Using the keyboard

In case the user encounters accessibility difficulties, please contact here:

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