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עפר גרוזברדDr. Ofer Grosbard is a clinical psychologist with an additional degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. An expert in multi-cultural education and psychology; a lecturer at Haifa and Tel-Aviv Universities; at the Arab Academic College for Education in Haifa and a research fellow at the Israel National Defense College. He published articles and nine books that have .been translated into different languages and received awards

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Childland – Children’s adventure book. Steimatzky, 2018.

Babylon – a Guide to the East-West Encounter. Hebrew edition: Ben-Gurion Univ., 2013.

The Quran: a Guide for Education, with illustrative stories and psychological explanations. Hebrew edition: Ben-Gurion Univ., 2008.

Dialogue – 123 Therapeutic Stories from Traditional Society and their Solution. Hebrew edition: Ben-Gurion Univ., 2007.

Cracking the Cultural Code. Hebrew edition: Ben-Gurion Univ., 2007.

Menachem Begin – A Portrait of a Leader, Biography, Hebrew edition, Resling, Tel Aviv, 2006. English edition: The National Defense College 2007. Based on Ph.D. dissertation, George Mason University, U.S.

Israel on the Couch – The Psychology of the Peace Process, Hebrew edition, Yediot Ahronot, Tel-Aviv, 2000; German edition, Patmos, 2001; English edition, SUNY, January 2003.

The Arab Within, a political-psychological novel which attempts to explain the deeply-rooted emotions involved in the Israel-Arab conflict. Published in Hebrew in 2000 by Tamuz Publishers;

License for Insanity, a novel about an adolescent girl undergoing psychoanalysis in a psychiatric ward. Published in Hebrew, Yaron Golan, 1994.



Quranet – a Bridge between Islam and the West – which is based upon the book “The Quran: a Guide for Education” – was chosen to represent Israel in “Facing Tomorrow” – the Israeli Presidential Conference 2008.
Menachem Begin – A Portrait of a Leader, Biography, awarded Menachem Begin Heritage Center Research Prize for year 2004.
The Arab Within was awarded the Hebrew Writers Association’s Book of the Year prize, 2000.

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